How it works...

This is one of the easiest book clubs you will ever find!  All you have to do is read with your kid or kids!  That's the whole idea!  Then, if you want, you can share pictures of things you do with your child (or children) to continue the fun from the books we have read.

Twice a month, on the 1st and the 15th, I will post a new book.  I will also share some crafts Little Girl and I have begun to do together based on/around/inspired by the selection.  These books should be readily available - bookstores and libraries (I love the library...!) should carry them, as I myself am in no mood to hunt down rare title!  Once the book is announced, it is time to read!  The craft you do, if you do one at all, is up to you!  Share your crafts, your book reviews, your thoughts, your recommendations...  That's it!

I am really excited to start reading together!

The most important things are:
1) READ!!
2) have fun
3) read together!!