Monday, November 15, 2010

My Nose, My Toes and Me!

Time for another book! This is a great one for identifying body parts, and for practicing with those preposition words - under, behind... The book we are reading is:
My Nose, My Toes and Me! by Frida Bing, illustrated by Rachael O'Neill.

Little Girl loves following along with the little ones in the book, pointing out their noses, toes, mouths, etc., then pointing out her own! She even got her baby (appropriately named "Baby") in on the action! We found Baby's nose, ears, toes and more!
Then Little Girl decided that she should also share the reading fun. This is a lift the flap book, and she loves pulling the flaps. (And ripping them, but we are trying to curb that...) As she was reading with Baby, she gave Baby a turn opening the flaps to see what was hidden!
I can't wait to hear how your little ones enjoy this book and share their enjoyment with those around them!!

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