Saturday, January 15, 2011

Firefighters A to Z

This past summer we attended our first block party in our new neighborhood. One of the fun activities was the arrival of a firetruck from one of our local companies. The kids got the chance to climb aboard and see what it was like. They were also given plastic firefighter helmets, which Little Girl loved. Then this past Novermber, when it was time to vote, Little Girl got to visit a firehouse, as that is our polling place. There, too, she acquired a firefighter's helmet, only this one was pink. (And we accidentally took two, as they were stuck together.)

Recently Little Girl rediscovered a book which we have had since before she was born. And she has been insistant that we must both be wearing our firefighter helmets while read:
Firefighters A to Z by Chris L. Demarest.

This is a great alphabet book, and it really explains the process firefighters go through as they answer their calls. As much fun as Little Girl was having simply reading the book and wearing her helmet, I thought she might want to take it to the next level with her own fire truck!
I used an empty diaper box, construction paper, glue, and a lot of help from a fabulous girl!
Here's how it went...

Little Girl loved the glue stick... And she insisted that the dalmation join in on the fun, as "D is for Dalmation, a firehouse must." While she was a little disappointed when the gluing was done, she was more than happy to climb aboard her new truck, ride around and read her book. It was great!

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